A House of Glass and Dreams

A House of Glass and Dreams is based on a dream the composer, Jeffrey Hoover, had in 1993. In this dream, the composer spoke with the spirit of his deceased great grandmother, who was sitting inside a glass house. One striking aspect of the dream was the quality of the structure and framing of this transparent building, and how solid it appeared, in spite of its transparency. Heightening the dreamlike quality of the music, both sampled and created sounds and textures are used.

In addition to the fixed electronic media version for the music, there is also an acoustic version of this work for violin, clarinet, cello, and piano. The music for this work was created in 1996, three years after the dream. Sketches previously existed for the painting, and the painting was realized in 2013.

You may both see and hear the work by selecting this video. Click on the box [ ] in the lower right hand corner of the viewer to see the image full-size.

A House of Glass and Dreams
acrylic and pastel on paper – 30″W x 24″H

electroacoustic music and painting


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