A controversial figure in his time, Galileo Galilei’s astronomical observations and publications placed him in conflict with the Church, especially through his advocacy for heliocentrism, where the Earth and other planets revolved around the Sun. A very broadly educated and fluent scientist, Galileo made significant contributions to understanding the universe through astronomy, physics, and mathematics. Significant among Galileo’s numerous writings, Sidereus Nuncius (Starry Messenger) was the first scientific publication of telescopic observations. The work Galileo combines electroacoustic music with an original videopainting by the composer, and was inspired by Sidereus Nuncius, based on telescopic images and sound originating in electromagnetic phenomena from Earth and space.

Galileo – for electroacoustic music and videopainting.

You may both see and hear this work by selecting this video. Click on the box [ ] in the lower right hand corner of the viewer to see the image full-size.

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