Golden exists as a musical composition, a painting, and a poem. Created by Jeffrey Hoover, Golden is an example of his work where an idea is presented in multiple artforms simultaneously. As the composer, the painter, and the poet, Hoover is able to use the elements and principles of the separate works and the audience’s response to bring these works together.

acrylic and pastel on paper – 30″W x 24″H

You may both see and hear this work by selecting this video. Click on the box [] in the lower right hand corner of the viewer to see the image full-size.


Aureus. Glowing.
With affinity, warm and healing,
Prized as the Light of the Sun,
A pale reflection of infinite Good.

Impervious, dense, and yet translucent…
It is the object of an Alchemy and the perfect Ring of the Universe.
“Who dares to speak of its age?” roars the Lion of the Stars!
“Who dares to debase it through greed?”
“Has Man not learned his lesson?”

The un-tarnished visage of a King,
Three millennia past…
The un-corroded face of a Pioneer,
Three decades forward…
Both, now in silence, wait for the moment.

It was, it is, and it shall be a mystery:
How the Heart, pure and balanced,
keeps all things alive
and brings those past back to life,
through Love Eternal.

-Jeffrey Hoover

This performance is by Rebecca Jeffreys, alto flute, and Molly Lozeau, piano. Contacting the artists: Rebecca Jeffreys –, Molly Lozeau –

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