Artist & Composer

One important aspect of Jeffrey Hoover’s work is the combination of his music with his paintings, creating unique interdisciplinary works. His paintings, in exhibitions, can be appreciated for their own value, or in concert, where the audience has an opportunity to hear his music and see his visual art at the same time.

His musical compositions – ranging from works for soloist to symphony orchestra – have received recognition through the prestigious Trieste prize, awards from Mu Phi Epsilon, the Lancaster Fine Arts Festival, grants, publications fellowships and over 20 commissions. He is a member of the ACME roster of Mu Phi Epsilon, recognized for distinguished achievement as a composer. Hoover’s experience as a musician includes work as an instrumental conductor, saxophonist/woodwind player, and a music educator.

Jeffrey Hoover was born and grew up in Indiana. He holds a Ph.D. in Fine Arts (Composition and Interdisciplinary Fine Arts) from Texas Tech University, as well as a M.M. and Bch.Sc. from Ball State University.

Teaching and creating new works, Jeffrey Hoover is Associate Professor and Director of the Integrated Arts Program at the University of Baltimore.


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