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The Cape

Soloist (trumpet or soprano saxophone) and Orchestra (or band or jazz quintet). Painting 30″ wide x 24″ tall. Pastel and acrylic on paper.

The Cape is about place and emotional atmosphere, a composition that takes the listener to a shore where one can feel the wind and the musk of water while standing firmly on dry land.

As a functional music composition, The Cape is a work in which the Jazz and Classical music worlds are one. A concerto in a single movement, The Cape follows many classical conventions, screened through a filter of jazz practices. The lead solo part is interchangeable, and may be played on the trumpet, the flugelhorn, or the soprano saxophone. From the start of the work, the soloist “owns” the melody, with the orchestra following. Rather than possessing two distinct themes, The Cape has one melody that is presented and transformed throughout the work, much in the same way a melody evolves in a jazz performance. The soloist’s cadenza is accompanied by the drum set, not heard totally on its own. In these ways and others, the work is taken on its own terms, rather than fitting exclusively into jazz or classical idioms.

You may both see and hear this work by selecting this video. Click on the box [ ] in the lower right hand corner of the viewer to see the image full-size.